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The Bespocut Advantages

A First-of-its-kind Technology Enabled Platform

We have the unique advantage of being one of the first online movers in the bespoke industry. With our online platform, businesses get access to a wide range of world class raw materials sourced directly from prestigious manufacturers from all over the world.

World Class Raw Materials

Our online platform enables you to get exclusive access to the finest raw materials, at competitive prices, from countries like Italy, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, Scotland, Austria, Turkey and Japan.

Zero Inventory

Our aggregator strategy is aimed at building and carrying the inventory of raw materials required by businesses, who in turn maintain zero inventory levels by placing required orders on our online platform.

No Space Requirement

Our zero inventory approach eliminates the need and space for physical storage by helping businesses select exactly whatever raw materials they require and whenever they require.

No Dead Stock Scenario

Our research-based strategy of carrying carefully selected NOS inventory eliminates the scenario of businesses ending up with unsold inventory or dead stock.

Low Initial Start-up Costs

Our business models, built after years of research and experience, help to substantially reduce the initial set-up cost for businesses and help consolidate their brand in the global marketplace.

Avoid Huge Costs of Running Outlets

We empower businesses to maximize their returns on investment by eliminating certain fixed and overhead costs.

Doorstep Delivery

Orders, placed by businesses on our online platform, are delivered to their doorstep, quickly and efficiently.

Training in New and Advanced Skill-Sets

We further empower businesses to upgrade their existing skill-sets and expand their knowledge through online and offline offerings.

Advertising and Marketing Benefits

Businesses associated with us stand to reap the benefits of our advertising and marketing campaigns as all customer enquiries generated through these campaigns are geographically allocated them.